To view the following stereo pictures, cross your eyes until the two images merge. A central image will appear with two indistinct images either side. Focus on the central image and a 3D diorama will become apparent.

All these stereo images are designed for a browser resolution of 1024 x 768.


Summer Solstice 2004


To the guy I met by the lighting gantry. The picture didn't come out so well. But it was good to meet you. Drop me an email if you see this. I hope you and your kids had a great time.

Free sized stereo images to show detail.

One of the many amazing river inlets in Gough's Cave, Cheddar Gorge. A particularly fabulous formation in Gough's Cave.

You might want to maximize your browser window for this one. F11 to maximize, and the same to reduce it again.

St Paul's formation in Gough's Cave Cheddar.


The Heel Stone at Stonehenge.


A pair of the huge Sarsen Stones at Stonehenge with their lintel.

2004 Keith Lindsay-Cameron

All rights reserved. Permission to publish these pictures and others taken on English Heritage sites is kindly granted and subject to the rules and regulations issued by them.