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Uploaded: 21 October 2004

US request for troops is not political.

On October 18 2004 Geoff Hoon, the UK defence secretary, announced that Britain will decide within days whether to grant a US request for troops to cover for the American army in Iraq, although he insisted that the US request was purely military and not political.

The decision to invade Iraq was political, the reasons for invading Iraq were political, anything and everything to do with Iraq is political. 

You heard it here first folks, Geoff Hoon is a liar. More spin, more deception, more lies.

Who owns you Geoff?

Troop request.

And now - 

Alan Milburn, who has responded to the high calling of running the Labour Election Campaign announces -

"You are an optimist or a pessimist. ...in the coming war between hope and fear none of us are permitted half measures."

"Elections are fought and won on bread and butter issues, such as education, jobs, and healthcare." 

It is always going to be the case that such annoying issues like Iraq are going to be minimalised in the run up to the UK elections. Of course they are. No party is going to bandy their hot potatoes (ooh, eek, ouch) about in the run up to an election, they will seek re-election by any other means at their disposal, like lies, deception and spin. 

Does this mean that the war of terror on the British people of the war on terror is not going to figure highly? Probably. It is simply not substantial enough to make enough collateral as a re-election issue. 

Personally I am dreading the next election. Blair's new world is a nightmare and the alternatives are, if not worse, no better.

Chin up - and don't mention the war.

George Orwell

Keith Lindsay-Cameron 2004

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