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Uploaded: 09 March 2005

Terrorism, Law and the Home Arrest Bill.

The question has to be asked why a government who steadfastly refuse to release any credible information on the terrorist threat to the UK, is attempting to pass a law which will put the fate of suspected terrorists in the hands of the Home Secretary?

This is a landmark Bill and worth watching closely.

The judicial system in the UK is respected world wide for good reason. It doesn't always get it right and nor is it entirely just given that what decides the quality of representation any individual gets is hard cash, not justice and the judiciary is class ridden. That said, look around the world and our system is a pretty good one.

MP's are not impartial and one Home Secretary is no substitute for the judiciary and nor should that ever be the case. Many MP's have other jobs, directorships and the like, and how that affects their work as MP's has to be borne in mind whether they want us to or not.

Given the Iraq debacle, it is clear that MP's can get it spectacularly wrong and trust in Parliament has never been lower so attempting to take this action at this time is at best ill thought out and at worst entirely sinister and cynical.

Not one shred of credible information has been shared with us, the people, to suggest that terrorism is the national threat they would have us believe it is. Personally I do not believe that information exists. There is, however, a great deal of evidence that this and previous governments are seeking to increasingly centralize power to parliament and it has been going on for a long time.

Arrest, including Home Arrest, which is what this latest Bill is about, must be dealt with by experienced judges and the efforts of the government to place this responsibility in the hands of the Home Secretary resisted at all costs.

Angry lords savage terror bill.

Tories reject terror bill concessions.

Government wins terror vote.

Terror showdown with Lords looms.

Keith Lindsay-Cameron 2005

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