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Uploaded: 12 March 2005

Rule of Law Breached.

In the wake of the passing of the Home Arrest Bill with the acceptance, in typical juvenile schoolboy style by our members of parliament, of a Sunset Clause by any other name, that the new laws will be re-examined in a years time, the words of one of the released terrorist suspects ring clear.

Known to us only as 'P', after appearing before Mr Justice Ouseleys he said outside the court, he was not happy with the bail conditions and said Britain was breaching his human rights: "In the media they say Syria does not respect human rights ... this country does not respect human rights.' In this he is entirely right.

We are all at risk from thieves, drunk drivers and so on, but putting every person who might be suspected of theft or drink driving, or even poor driving, under house arrest would be absurd and an abuse of human rights. It was once the case that all of us were considered innocent until proven guilty, thas is no longer the case. There is no bigger picture, this is it.

In 2003 there were 3,508 road deaths in the UK. We are far more at risk from merely being on the streets of this country than we are from any terrorist attack. This current madness over terrorism is exactly that. Not one of us is made safer by this legislation, and I will sleep no easier tonight for it, quite the reverse, for it is this bill itself that is wrong and far more a threat to freedom and liberty than terrorism.

The longest day.

Chaos as first terror orders are used.

Keith Lindsay-Cameron 2005

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