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Uploaded: 02 July 2003

No confidence.

It is with great personal sadness that I view the current situation in Britain. Mr. Blair is still bullying his way forward, ignoring every call for accountability. No WMD from the dossier of information that lead him to his errant conclusions. In the light of which, what confidence are we to have in any intelligence in the future? How are we to believe anything the government says?

Worse than this though is that Tony Blair holds the people of this country in such disdain that he does not even think it worth the bother to justify himself, his actions and decisions. I feel personally insulted that he values me and all my fellow citizens so poorly that he can simply ignore our voices and demands. This is the real measure of the man and how he regards the people of the UK.

The proliferation of CCTV is being hailed as curbing crime, and yet police are being moved into London as never before. Why is this? The figures that the government routinely spews out, read in the same light of deception and cover up as the WMD, can only be considered bogus. For who can now believe that statistics are anything other than damned lies?

The current debate on Identity cards is not a new one, but the pressure is growing insidiously to the point where they will become a part of our life in the near future. Trite remarks like, 'if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear', are more than disingenuous or naive, they ignore the larger picture of the erosion of privacy. Or are we to understand privacy as thing of the past? Whilst our most fundamental freedoms are being undermined, and we are publicly accountable before cameras for our actions, Tony Blair chooses to ignore accountability? 

Mr. Blair, it is wrong to lie and it is wrong to deceive, but it is far worse to disdain to even consider that you are accountable in the high office you hold. Stop insulting our intelligence, unless, as George Bernard Shaw wrote in his preface to 'Androcles and the Lion' in his remarkable piece on 'Captains and Cabin Boys', you believe that we truly are inferior creatures', in which case I support his conclusion.


Keith Lindsay-Cameron 2003

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