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Uploaded: 20 September 2004

New Iraq war. 

Tony Blair announced today that there is a new war going on in Iraq and said, "Iraq is the crucible in which the future of this global terrorism will be determined."

People are dying in Iraq. Surprised? Nor am I. There is no new war, and there is no new terrorism. It has all come out of the same despicable bag. What acts of terrorism is Iraq committing right now in the world, what acts of terrorism did Iraq commit in the lead up to the invasion and during it. None!

We should not have invaded Iraq. We should not have destabilized that nation. We should not have sent in trained killers to kill and then been surprised when we were, and are being, killed right back. Would we, in Britain, do any less if the boot was on the other foot? An utterly and completely destabilized nation is not a sounding board for global terrorism, its a bloody mess, instigated by western leaders who should have known better yet did the worst possible thing for reasons that they do not have the honesty to admit.

The reasons for invading Iraq were and are bogus. When the 'war' was first announced I was forced to exercise my brain - I wondered. I wrote to Mr. Blair in protest and received the dodgy dossier in response, thought a bit more, and concluded that the war was wrong on the basis of no aggressive act having been committed by Iraq against any other sovereign nation, including acts of terrorism. It took me a while, I admit, but it wasn't hard, it just took a little time for thought and reflection. The conclusion was easily come by, easily understood, but appallingly betrayed. 

Every damned day Mr. Blair makes it worse. He plays the Diva politician and sells us out. Just for the record, that 'us' in not just British people, it is the people of the world and it is, most, and more, importantly, the people of Iraq. 

New war in Iraq? That is just political spin, that is what spin means and that is what spin is and is exactly what the word was invented to describe. It is just a polite way of saying 'Bullshit'.




Keith Lindsay-Cameron 2004

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