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Uploaded: 26 July 2003

Making a profit?

Multi-National companies, like all advertising companies, are dedicated liars. Why? Well, think about advertising for a moment, what's it designed to do? Advertisings aims are to turn a profit and increase the market share for the manufacturer/supplier. The message is irrelevant and in a great many cases untrue anyway. New improved 'Blah washing powder' doesn't get clothes any cleaner by any discernable degree than whatever my Mother was using fifty years ago when I was toddler. Any company using any form of advertising is concerned with profit and all the clever advertising words and images are the illusion, and delusion, they use to turn our minds to making them that profit.

I live in the great sprawling suburban mass (mess) that is greater London in the UK. I have noticed for some years that certain things that I took for granted as a child are now absent. I am no longer greeted by a dawn chorus every morning, where once it was a great cacophony of sound I am now lucky if a bird so much as farts. To date, this year, I have seen two butterflies and both caused me to stop and watch and wonder. As a child, if we left the window open on a summers evening, every light and lamp was quickly surrounded by moths, whereas I am lucky to even see one now. My sister, brothers and I used to collect Daddy-Long-Legs (Crane Fly's) by the thousand and fill our shed with them, once again I may now see a dozen or so in a day. And what has happened to spiders, those pesky invaders I was never very keen on, but which are now conspicuous by their absence?

What happened, of course, was urbanization, industrialization, pollution, motor vehicles, all that has become the modern consumer world. A world we no longer husband in order to meet our needs, but one which we rape by ever increasing degrees. Human kind can no longer be considered a benign part of this world, we have become a cancer and like any cancer we are killing our host. Tragically we are not doing this to merely survive, we are doing it in order to make a profit, and in today's world the multi-National company reigns supreme in this wholesale and wanton destruction for profit.

It is not only the natural world which is the victim in this global madness, human kind too are being sacrificed at the altar of the great god, profit. Modern bio-engineering is turning in a good multi billion dollar act in genetically modified crops and western companies are seeking to take over traditional crops like Basmati Rice, by taking out patents and destroying whole communities in their greed to control ever greater wealth.

The profit motive is destroying us. Anything that destroys the natural world ultimately destroys us. It may be late coming to the attention of far too many, but this world is our home, destroy it and we are homeless. I am rapidly coming to believe that the short term profit motive creates a long term attention deficiency disorder, and it is long overdue that treatment by way of curbing this obscene and un-natural greed was implemented. Unfortunately, this is not a new message, many fine organizations have been saying this for a long time now, so we also need a cure for corporate deafness.

Golden Rice


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2003 Keith Lindsay-Cameron