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Uploaded: 21 June 2003

Britain is rapidly becoming a totalitarian state. 

The centralization of government became a palpable thing with Margaret Thatcher, was continued and taken further by John Major, but with Tony Blair Britain has become one step away from a fascist state. Policy and decisions are made at 10 Downing Street and the process of parliament, of debate and democratic decision making all but circumvented.

The decision to invade Iraq, was a deeply unpopular decision, and yet it was taken and implemented based on policies and practice that have been growing for decades and are now endemic in the British way of life. 

Tony Blair resists what he calls the Nanny State, at the same introducing ever more oppressive and dictatorial policies.

Scorn was poured on war dissenters, and we were accused of inventing conspiracy theories. Yet in the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq and still with no WMD in sight, it is clear that the war was bogus, or the reasons for the war were not those declared by the government of the UK, or the US.

There are few (with significant exceptions) web sites in the UK voicing dissent. The purpose of this site is to join those voices of dissent online and to promote political questioning and debate.

The links on the left are in date descending order, that is, the latest is at the top.

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Keith Lindsay-Cameron 2003

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