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Uploaded: 19 November 2004

Hunt ban.

I note with interest the gathering furor over the ban on hunting last night. 

The Countryside Alliance has begun a High Court challenge of the ban. 

"Simon Hart, the Countryside Alliance chief executive, said today: "The decision by the House of Commons should serve as a stark warning to any community that believes in a tolerant society free from prejudice and discrimination. The House of Commons has passed a bill in defiance of evidence and principle." Guardian.

It says much about the level of ignorance and privilege within the Countryside Alliance that they dare make a statement like this.

Which world, exactly, do they live in? The country I live in, and the world I live in, shows no evidence of belief in a tolerant society free from prejudice and discrimination. Quite the reverse. The United Kingdom is an aristocratic society, it is a society that benefits the well born, the powerful and the rich and penalizes the low born, powerless and the poor. It has been that way for far longer than fox hunting has been around and is likely to stay that way long after the ban on hunting is rescinded. 

It's amazing to see how quickly these people can act, but then that's power, wealth and influence for you. When I think of the monumental injustices going on in this world, I just feel scorn for all these self interested and self serving people and anger that they are prepared to spend a vast amount of money on so facile a cause. 

Were we living in a world that believed in tolerance and freedom from prejudice and discrimination I wouldn't need to have a web site of this nature, nor the need to bother my conscience on these matters. As things stand I can see that this site is going to be around for a long time. 

Like democracy, these high blown principles are a myth. They exist as a beacon perhaps, but not as any kind of reality. It doesn't take much thought or consideration to see that this is the case, but it takes a certain willingness to see it and it is that very willingness that is sadly missing. Else the invasion of Iraq would never have occurred. 

There's nothing like a bit of class war.

Keith Lindsay-Cameron 2004

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