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Uploaded: 19 September 2004

Banning the Hunt. 

A very interesting thing happened on Wednesday 15th September 2004, an unprecedented incursion took place at Westminster into the Chamber where the hunt debate was taking place. This was, from my point of view, a thoroughly good thing and I applaud the tenacity of the perpetrators. Of course where it falls over is that it was done by self serving arrogant shits, likening their cause to Martin Luther King and Votes for Women, which is purest hyperbole.


I have seen job loss figures, because of the fox hunting ban, quoted as anywhere between 8000 and 30,000, not to mention the number of dogs which will 'need to' be destroyed. Call me naive, because I am, in the public arena of politics there are no pundits, only best guesses, but if foxes are the pre-eminent requirement for the survival of these jobs and dogs, as against drag hunting, then it is not about jobs or dogs, but about a way of life, which, of course, is exactly what the pro-hunt lobby is saying. But whose? This is literally about the man who pays the piper calling the tune. The existence of foxes does not, of itself, make jobs or breed dogs, there are plenty of alternative ways of killing foxes, and skinning cats as well, but that pastime is restricted to mere expression, not actual, unlike the hunted fox which is often ripped to pieces. And we have the quaint historical practice of blooding new additions (riders) to The Hunt. 



What this whole debate is about is Feudalism, or at least its ragged, but tenacious, remains. Dig scantily into our past and you will discover a vile breed, whose successors are alive and well, who insist that they own and use and abuse by right. Something Tony Blair is determined to revive into 'full blooded' existence. Remember Iraq, for we must.

Which brings us right back to that marvelous security breach at Westminster. Did our Tone treat these urban, sorry, country side, terrorists to a dose of his terrorism laws as he did protestors against arms (see my 'Protesters arrested' link)? Uh, well, no. He was very nice about it.

 "Tony Blair yesterday urged Commons security officers not to go 'over the top' following Wednesday's invasion of the chamber by pro-hunting protesters. 

'I think it is very, very important that we do not end up in a situation where MPs aren't able to meet their constituents, where we don't have an interaction with the people, where people can't legitimately (sic) lawfully (also sic) protest (more puking sic),' he said."


!Expletive deleted! This man is just one monstrous sell out after another. 


Keith Lindsay-Cameron 2004

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