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Uploaded: 23 July 2003

David Kelly

I extend my personal and heart felt condolences to David Kelly's family for their loss. David Kelly came across, in the media, as a man of integrity and commitment. Whilst I celebrate his stand against all that this government has done, I grieve that the decisions of this government have cost yet another life, a life dedicated to telling the truth. I am truly sorry for the loss of this man and for the pain his family is suffering.

It hurts me personally that Tony Blair is putting himself up as the savior of this country and of democracy, and that he sees himself as the arbiter of democracy in the world. I have a copy of the document, 'Iraq's weapons of mass destruction', and it as about as 'sexed up' as any document can be. This document WAS the case for war.

Whether Mr. Blair believed this document or not, the time has come for an apology, an apology that will never be heard. Whether this document was 'sexed up', or not, is moot, it was, however, plain wrong. We, the people of the United Kingdom, along with David Kelly, and his grieving family, are owed an apology.

It was the government who out-ed David Kelly. The BBC is being offered up as the villain in this sordid affair, and yet they are mere reporters, whereas our present government were the facilitators of the bloody invasion of Iraq.

If it is the case that Iraq, in the person of Saddam Hussein, had the capability to launch any kind of WMD strike against the UK, or wherever, within 45 minutes, why didn't they, and why has there been not one shred of evidence that they could have?

The evidence does not exist because Iraq had no WMD capability.

Tony Blair's terrorists are a fantasy. Or, if they are not, they are beyond the scope and reach of any political government, particularly in the shape of Saddam Hussein. 

Saddam Hussein was a dictator, or so the evidence suggests, and yet he was not a terrorist nor was there any evidence in the dossier that Saddam Hussein supported terrorists.. 

Tony Blair has confused the boundaries between terrorist and dictator. Tony Blair refuses to be accountable to the people he purports to serve. Tony Blair has said, "There couldn't be a more serious charge, that I ordered our troops into conflict on the basis of intelligence evidence that I falsified. I take it as about as serious an attack on my integrity as there could possibly be. The charge is untrue and I hope they (BBC) will accept that." Perhaps it is the case that Tony Blair did not falsify intelligence evidence, but that intelligence evidence has turned out to be false and therefore the stated reasons for the war, bogus. In his address to the American congress on the occasion of being awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, Tony Blair said that history will forgive (him); history has already proved him wrong, when will he admit that?

I am responsible for this web site, for which I have to do research and, to the best of my ability, try to ensure that the sources are correct, but the buck stops here. So too, as the Prime Minister of the UK, the responsibility for the invasion of Iraq rests with Tony Blair and, whether he likes it or not, his integrity is on the line.

Truth is truth, Mr. Blair. Where are the weapons of mass destruction? 


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2003 Keith Lindsay-Cameron