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Uploaded: 12 December 2003

Camp Xray. 

Let's not lose sight of Camp Xray, the abomination that the US maintains in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The people being detained there are being held against the Geneva Convention, have absolutely no rights, no recourse to law, and are subject to routine inhumane treatment by any sane standard. 

Whilst Dubya and Blair continue their dubious careers of deception and lies, Camp Xray is the light on the lie. Camp Xray is the rabbit that should remain frozen in our sight, despite the ducking and weaving by our politicians.

It is a human blasphemy that Camp Xray continues to exist and that nothing is being done by our respective governments to address something that is so inhuman that our leaders would be the first to use such a situation against any other country treating people in this way. 

It would be morally indefensible were any nation that the west condemns as inhumane to treat people this way, regarding, in their xenophobia, that others are less morally aware than us. That the United States, who claim the moral high ground and perpetuate the situation in Guantanamo Bay, perpetrated this travesty, is the acid that removes the thin veneer of varnish that is democracy, freedom and justice so vaunted by our leaders.

Camp Xray is the lie to everything that President Bush and Tony Blair say.


Keith Lindsay-Cameron 2003

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