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Uploaded: 09 July 2004

War and people. 

The deaths that have taken place in Iraq are their own testimony. The butcher that Blair and Bush might have gone after is alive, well or not, who cares? This isn't war, it is politics. The invasion of Iraq is the most despicable event of our times. I have less of a problem with dictators oppressing their masses, than I do with Blair and Bush, who, in the name of democracy and freedom, are dictators. Waging war, oppressing and suppressing truth, freedom and democracy, for ends that I cannot even begin to guess at. These despicable men are guilty of crimes beyond my imagination. They are at the heart of oppression in the world today. They accuse terrorists, but are terrorists. They sow fear, but are to be feared, more than any other men. Bush said, in Fahrenheit 9/11, 'This is an impressive crowd, the haves and the have mores, some people call you the elite, I call you my base'. On this same team is Tony Blair. Unlike Israel, they do not need to build a wall, they are the wall. The wall in Israel is an abomination, but this pair of global terrorists are running rampant, and who can stop them?


Keith Lindsay-Cameron 2004

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