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Uploaded: 07 July 2003

Row over BBC report that Blair sexed up Iraq dossier.

This facile argument has been running for two weeks now. Fronting the dispute for the government is its top spin doctor, Alastair Campbell. The argument centres around Radio 4 reporter Andrew Gilligan, his editors at the Today programme and managers at BBC News, that they had broken the corporation's guidelines by reporting claims of a single, unnamed intelligence source that Downing Street had "sexed up" a dossier that put the case for the war.

Whilst we continue to wait for one shred of evidence that the reasons given for war were not bogus, I suppose this is as good a smokescreen as any.

Curiously, as reported in the Guardian today: "Downing Street last night said it was "saddened that the BBC continues to defend the indefensible". 

The statement added: "Over a month later, the BBC still haven't answered the question, do they believe those allegations to be true, or false, yes or no?"

This is finest chutzpah, for when was the last time any of us heard a politician give a straight answer to anything?

Guardian online

Face facts.

How out of touch can politicians be? It has been more years than I care to remember since I last believed a politician. They whine about apathy amongst voters, and are very good at pointing the finger. When will they face the facts that voter apathy has more to do with the lack of credible candidates than apathy.

The dossier.

Relevant pages from the dossier entitled: 



Forward by the Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Tony Blair MP

Page 3     Page 4

Executive Summery

Page 5

The current position 1998 - 2002

Page 17     Page 19



Keith Lindsay-Cameron 2003

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