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Uploaded: 16 October 2005

"I believe in dragons, good men and other mythical creatures."

I saw this in the rear window of a car the other day. 'Great', I thought, 'another man hater!' The opposite of a misogynist for which there is no word in the entire English language. 

I was recently out to lunch, not, you understand, the mental kind, but in a restaurant, with my brother. We sat opposite each other on the end of a table for six, it being the only table left, sorted our food and drinks out from the tray whereupon I put the tray beside us on the the table. After a short while four women approached us and asked if they could share the table. 'Of course', we said and they too proceeded to unload their trays. One woman made off with their trays, grabbling ours in the process, saying she'd return that too. I turned to her and thanked her. Meanwhile, as I did so, one of her friends said, 'They're men!' Meaning we hadn't the nous, common sense or ounce of sensitivity and perhaps common decency to have thought to return our own tray. I was so taken aback I am sorry to say I did not tell her what a rude and unpleasant person she was, nor, I am even more sorry to say, did I suggest to my brother that we move tables, which meant that lunch was a disagreeable and unpleasant affair, ruined by my own inaction. 

It has long been open season on men. There are a great many things we are no longer allowed to talk about or do, like criticizing others religious beliefs or have fluffy Piglets in the benefits department at Dudley Council, but when it comes to men, many women think they can say whatever they like and expect to get away with it. 

Men may or may not be many things, we're all different and the only way to check us out is to do it individually and personally, but silly notices in car windows or incredible rudeness merely demonstrate that some women are just as ugly and vulgar as some men. So I am declaring an end to this open season. I refuse to apologise for my existence, gender or my many failings just because anyone else thinks I or any or all my many failings exist as a personal slight on their life. If anyone does, that is simply their problem, deal with it, get help or get over it, I care not which.


Keith Lindsay-Cameron 2005

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